How to Reduce Car Insurance Premium

Reduce car insurance premium

Owning a vehicle is a symbol of status for many and for some it is just a matter of commuting convenience. Whatever be the reason, nowadays every individual vies to have a car. Present IT scenario is very promising for youngsters who convert their hefty pay packet in some swanky wheels and zoom by on the road. Whether it is […]

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Opt now for Job Loss Insurance India / Job Loss Insurance Coverage

Job Loss Insurance Cover

A secure job in hand is every person’s dream and with the current rush and market ups and downs, there are many who have to feel the pinch of losing their job. The reasons vary – company takeover by other entity, bankruptcy, closure of a division or unit in the particular location or company shut down due to financial losses […]

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buying insurance

The word “Insurance” may spell safety and life security in terms of funds in case of emergency and protection of the thing or person insured. Nonetheless, many people still shy away from buying insurance policy because of some experiences and projected images of insurance companies. In India, we have different types of insurance. Right from a person’s own life to […]

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