Review of Axis Bank life insurance

Axis Bank LIfe Insurance

Life insurance is an amazing tool helping families or your family in meeting crucial needs and also in leading a comfortable life in your absence. This happens as the insurer pays the beneficiary a predetermined amount after your demise. It may be given even if unfortunately you are bedridden. Life insurance is an essential insurance policy that helps in your […]

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Top 3 Pension Plans which will make you to buy pension plan today

Pension plan

What is Pension Plan Pension plan is  the most sought after insurance schemes by any employee. After retirement, everybody seeks a financial security. For the Government employees, they can enjoy the benefits of some of the most lucrative plans for the pension. However, when it comes to the individuals working in the private sector, they don’t have access to such facilities. […]

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Details about Assurant Insurance

Assurant Insurance

Do you know about Assurant Insurance ? No,  Have a look….Insurance plays a very important role in our lives. It provides a security against various risks. The best part is that just by paying an easily affordable premium; the person can get a security cap of a huge amount. There are different kinds of insurance for eg. Assurant Insurance depending […]

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Met life Life insurance Review

Met life Life insurance

  Life insurance of Met Life Life insurance company is one of the insurance providers showing fast growth. They offer policies designed to meet various needs of the customers.  The services range from regular term insurance plans offering simple and pure life cover to plans such as term plan that has return of premium plan. In this the investors get […]

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Max Life Insurance Review-Factors to Consider

Max life insurance plan

Max life insurance plan cater to the differentiated needs in protecting and securing financially their loved ones future. Theoffering of a lump sum when a family loses their beloved, their bread winners unfortunate demise is not regarded as a definitive answer in securing the future of a family. This is the reason Max life insurance plan has now designed a plan […]

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