Victim claim in 15 days- Haryana govt to help victims of Jat community violence attacks

victim claim

Sanjeev Kaushal, Finance Secretary of Haryana has directed the insurance companies to provide utmost support to those who have suffered during the Jat community violence attacks. He also asked them to have the victims’ claims settled within 15 days of information. This was concluded in the meeting of the Finance Secretary with the major insurance companies in India. This came […]

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Why Should You Donate Car To Charity California

Donate car to charity CALIFORNIA

 Today, car donation in the golden city of California has been made easy by endless organizations giving you the opportunity to do as much as you can for a great cause. But, why should you donate  car to charity California, what makes it such an important move that the citizens need to wake up to? Well, this article covers it […]

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