How do Make Claim on a Motor Insurance Policy


Claim on a Motor Insurance Policy includes:

  • Claim on a Motor Insurance Policy includes Damage to your own vehicle that is insured. This is referred to as own damage claim and if you have a comprehensive or a package policy, you will be eligible to get the holding.
  • Property damage or personal injury relating to someone else is known as a third party claim.

It is very important to know the terms of the claim that comes under a motor insurance policy.

 How do Make Claim on a Motor Insurance Policy

Third Party Claim

This is a claim in which it is very important to ascertain the accident must be reported to the insurance company and the police. In case, you are a victim involving the vehicle of someone else, you may get the details of the insurance and intimate the insurer of that vehicle.

Auto accident claims-Own Damage Claim 

In case your vehicle is damaged in an accident, it becomes mandatory to inform the police and the insurance company immediately for accident claims so that a surveyor comes on deputes to assess the loss value. You must not move from the accident spot your vehicle without the police and the insurance company permission. On receiving permission for the vehicle removal and for its repairs, you may proceed to do so. There may be chances that your policy has provision for cashless service and it means you need not pay out from your pocket for the damages covered, while the insurance company will directly pay the workshop. However, in either situation, intimating the insurance company immediately is essential.

Theft Claim

This involves theft of your vehicle which also means you should inform the insurance company and the police immediately. Apart from this, keep the transport department informed as well. On receiving the policy document, go through the documentation requirements and its procedures for claims. In case you can make a claim, ascertain you have all the documents ready to submit them in association with the requisite claim form that needs to be filled duly and submitted to the insurance company.

Tips to fill Insurance for Motor Claim

If you were driving, there are chances that you are a part of the accident or for a claim it can be another incident damaging your car. However, you must follow certain steps to file a claim to get reimbursement from the insurance company. The types of claims may be bodily injury claims against medical expenses incurred and the property damage claim for the vehicle requiring repairs and the stolen property.

Claim on a Motor Insurance Policy:Steps to file a motor insurance claim

 When to File a Claim

You must first contact the insurance company immediately after your car collision and must file a claim in case your motor is stolen, vandalized or damaged in events that are not an accident, such as severe weather or fire. You can get the telephone number of the insurance company or the insurance agent as it is on the top of your insurance card. You can also get it from your actual policy documents or find it online. 

Information to keep ready

On contacting your company to file a claim on a Motor Insurance Policy, provide the following details:

  • Your policy number and full name
  • The policy start and end date
  • Incident time and date
  • Addresses, names and phone numbers of all drivers, witnesses and passengers
  • License plate numbers and drivers license of all the drivers

Your insurance company may ask you to fill a sworn statement with respect to the details the events of the motor accident. This includes the day or night time and the weather conditions when the incident occurred.  Remember to note and take photos of the damage immediately.

Five Basic Steps

  • On contacting the car insurance company for claim on a motor insurance policy,you will go through these following steps-
  • Your case will be assigned by your won car insurance company to a professional to work on your motor insurance.
  • You must meet with this professional and discuss the coverage in this situation.
  • Evaluation of your claims by the professional may include car inspection, examining evidence of injury claims and payment done initially.
  • Case resolution, including appropriate payments.
  • Case closing.

Make sure to keep the expense receipts safe as you fix your car or seek some immediate medical treatment. Provide information requested by the insurance company for its investigation. Making smart decisions helps moving forward with your car accident insurance claim.




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